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Practice Areas

Child Custody

Parents owe their children as much safety and stability as they can provide.  When parents are not living together or are unable to reach a workable agreement to share custody of their children, advice and representation may be the solution.


Whether its been one year or twenty, leaving a marriage is not always simple.  Divorce has financial as well as emotional pitfalls.  Protect your rights by  having a strong, practical advocate.

Child and Spousal Support

If you are not living with your spouse you may have a claim for spousal support.  Whether or not you have married the parent of your child, you may be entitled to child support.  Support may have a direct impact on your life, so make sure you understand the process.

Domestic Violence

Everyone should feel safe in their own home.  If abusive behavior or domestic violence is preventing you from having the life you deserve, there are options.

Education Law

The rights of students, including students with special needs, are an important part of family life.  Know your rights and defend your child's right to education.